What you may not realize is that while your AC system operates, the refrigerant used to produce cool air may be having detrimental effects on the environment. The commonly used R-22 freon refrigerant (also known as HCFC-22) has been established as an “ozone depleting” substance which may contribute to global warming1. In agreement with the… Read More

As the temperatures cool and your furnace begins to kick on more frequently, making sure your furnace is in working order should be at the top of your list. Fortunately, having your unit serviced can be an easy affair if done properly. If you notice any of the following, contact a professional at Mason Mechanical… Read More

In the same way, if he has to travel through various detours, he will still arrive, but later and with less energy. Duct design is important to the flow of air through your home, because like that car and driver, a clear, straight path is needed to reach a destination. Here is what you need… Read More

If it is something like a small hole in the drywall, an area of paint that needs touched up, or a stain on the carpet, there is no harm in tackling the project yourself. Save yourself time and money by using the spackle you have in your garage or the leftover paint under the sink.… Read More

Having a skilled team member from Mason Mechanical service your air conditioner will cut down on costly repairs and make all the difference in the world! We have the standards for service quality, customer care, and technical proficiency of our staff to ensure that the job is done correctly on the first service call. Having… Read More