Do you have hard water at your home? Hard water is essentially water with higher amounts of minerals. It can have a slightly different taste and leave a residue on fixtures and other surfaces. It’s safe to drink, but it can cause other issues in your home. Soap does not lather and dissolve effectively, affecting… Read More

However, if you were entertaining thoughts of replacing your air conditioner during the warmer days last fall, it may be time to consider your replacement now. Waiting until late spring or summer could be a mistake. If your air conditioner is showing signs of deterioration, March may be the perfect time to replace your unit.… Read More

It can play havoc with your plumbing systems, related appliances, clothes and your crockery. No matter what way you cut it, hard water will cost you in the long run. Whether that is due to buying a new dishwasher or because you had to replace all your clothes and dishes, failing to address the issue… Read More

Better still, how many times do you forget to reset your thermostat and worry endlessly about your energy bills? Homeowners in Arizona are so obsessed with thermostat settings that it has become a running joke in the state. At the height of the summer, air conditioning costs are at the forefront of every Arizonian homeowner’s… Read More

It’s an exciting time for anyone! It’s common to overlook necessary items on the long list of things to check off during the initial buying stage for new homeowners. One task in particular that should be explored is the home’s plumbing. By having a plumbing checklist during the search for a new home, you could… Read More