Keeping Our Employees & Customers Healthy

Mason Mechanical understands the challenges that our customers are facing during the current COVID-19 outbreak. 

On March 30, 2020, Governor Ducey announced an executive order set to take effect Tuesday, March 31st at 5:00pm. As an essential business, it is our intent to fulfill our customer commitments while continuing to observe and exercise best practices with day to day operations. The safety of our customers and our employees continues to be a top priority every day. While safety and health standards are followed daily, we understand that extra precautions are necessary during this critical time.

We have reviewed our Operations Plan in conjunction with best practices as outlined by OSHA and the CDC. Mason Mechanical has policies and procedures in place to safeguard our customers, technicians, and in-office staff to best inhibit the spread of the COVID-19 virus while continuing to take care of our customers’ needs. Our highest priority is to ensure everyone stays healthy during this time of heightened concern. We regularly service our entire fleet of vehicles with an anti-microbial fog treatment to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Indoor air quality is also controlled in our office by utilizing air scrubbers in combination with anti-microbial fog treatments.

If you have any concerns regarding an upcoming appointment with Mason Mechanical, please contact us at (480) 835-9928.

Know that if you need our services, we are here for you. Rest assured that every precaution will be taken at each interaction to ensure the protection of your family’s health, safety, and comfort.