Mesa HVAC Installation And Repair Tempe Air Conditioning Installs Phoenix AC Repair Service Contractor

September and October are typically months where the weather begins to make a change from the hot and dry summer months to a milder and wetter period. However, 2016 has been a year of unexpected weather, including cooler September weather than usually is enjoyed in Phoenix. The change in the weather is a reminder to home and business owners to get ready for winter weather. One of the tasks that needs to be done is Mesa HVAC installation and repair Tempe air conditioning installs Phoenix AC repair service contractor services.

When it is time to put the AC to rest in your home for the winter season, a good reminder to do the regular maintenance work is when cooler temperatures make the need for the equipment less pressing. The HVAC system requires a regular tune-up to keep it in the most efficient operating condition. Before packing a window unit away for the winter, it should be checked and cleaned, so it will be ready to re-install before the next summer season.

When there is central air and heating equipment installed in the residence or business, a regular maintenance and tune-up call is equally important. Every part of the system should be reviewed and checked by a reliable and experienced HVAC technician. The equipment needs a checkup for the purposes of the warranty, as well as to keep it in optimum condition.

Heating and cooling systems are a major part of the energy use in a home. The regular maintenance actions taken by trained service technicians ensure that the system is operating at peak efficiency. The routine checks of the system can eliminate problems which could become dangerous if not addressed.

Heating and cooling system issues may double the operating costs of the system with no significant change in the comfort levels of the home. Compressor problems are a typical issue which can happen in a system, but they could be avoided if the issues are corrected in a timely manner.

The technician will check for refrigerant levels. If there is a need to add to the refrigerant each year, it is an indication of a leak which needs to be addressed. When the refrigerant level is as little as ten percent low, the energy costs can be increased by up to 20 percent.

Dirt, every a tiny fraction of an inch, on the evaporator coil, condenser or blower can increase the cost of electrical usage significant amounts. The efficiency of each unit is reduced and the cost of power increases. Dirt on the sensitive parts of each system can lead to expensive repairs and replacement of key components.

A visit from the knowledgeable technician will address the many issues and problems which can arise in the system. The suggestions he or she will provide are intended to prevent the occurrence of more significant problems. When a part must be replaced, the best quality equipment is utilized in order to extend the useful life of an HVAC system. The homeowner receives information about ways to improve the efficiency and save money on the cost of equipment and services.

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