Save Money While Keeping Your Home Cool During The Summer

Everyone wants to keep our homes as comfortable as possible regardless of the temperature outside. This means we run heaters in the winter and AC units during the summer to adjust the inside temperature to the desired level. It takes energy to accomplish this no matter what time of year. However, there are some easy tricks that will help you to save money while keeping your home cool during the summer.

Set the thermostat to 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it there. Many people think that setting the thermostat to a lower temperature will force the AC to cool the house more. This is actually not true at all. Air conditioning professionals will tell you that even the best units are doing well if they can actually create a full 20-degree difference between the air temperature inside and that outside.

The only thing that is accomplished by lowering the set temperature is forcing the unit to run more and risking having the condenser coil freeze up. In the first case, the extra run time consumes an increased amount of electricity, leading to higher bills. In the second case, the efficiency of the unit is compromised and it will not provide as much cooling as it otherwise would.

Another tip that can help the unit provide more cooling while running less is making certain that the home is adequately insulated. As a rule, the more insulation is in place, the easier it is to maintain a lower temperature inside regardless of the temperature outside. This tip can actually help a unit to perform more efficiently and produce a greater temperature difference than the average.

Adequate insulation includes sealing any cracks around windows and doors that would allow air from inside to escape or air from outside entering. Weather stripping and caulking will make a huge difference in the amount of air flow and the energy needed to control the temperature. This will, again, lead to less run time for the unit and lower energy bills.

Contacting a service company to have a technician perform maintenance on the unit prior to the onset of extreme heat will also make a huge difference. The technician will clean the unit, check all of its working parts to determine if they are worn to a point that they take away from the efficiency of the unit. In addition, he/she will measure the amount of refrigerant in the system and assure it is at the optimum level to ensure the most efficient cooling.

Besides the unit itself, a professional will inspect the ducts to ensure that no leaks are present. Any air that escapes the ducts before entering the home through the vents is wasting energy cooling the outside world. All joints should be properly sealed and airtight.

Another key point is the insulation inside or wrapped around the ducts. This prevents the heat outside the ducts from affecting the temperature of the air inside them via conduction through metal walls of the ductwork. In addition, it prevents water damage that can result from water vapor in the outside air condensing on the outside of the ducts, much like one sees on the sides of a glass when drinking an iced beverage.

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