Tropical Storms Causing Cooler Arizona Weather

Many parts of Arizona are known for having year-round high temperatures. This dry, desert biome is a great place to live if you have respiratory conditions that require a specific level of air quality and limited humidity. With tropical storms causing cooler Arizona weather, however, there are a few things that homeowners need to be aware of. Recent climate changes are having a significant impact on the requirements for home maintenance.

To start with, it is important to make sure that your home is weather ready so that you aren’t spending an excessive amount of cash to heat your unit when temperatures are at their lowest. Although low temperatures in this area are relatively temperate in comparison to winters in other states, most locals aren’t really acclimated to the cold. A great way to get your home winter-ready is by simply caulking cracks and gaps in building materials.

You may even want to check the seals around your windows and sliding doors. Evidence of condensation on these is a sign that your windows need to be replaced. When temperatures drop, having effective barriers in place be essential for maintaining optimal levels of indoor comfort. It can also play a significant role in diminishing your carbon footprint and your ongoing spending on home energy.

Give everyone in the home a chance to acclimate to the lower temperatures natural. When the outside air grows colder, don’t immediately rush to adjust your thermostat. Instead, encourage your loved ones to don warmer clothing while indoors. The human body is extremely adept in moderating its own temperature and comfort levels, particularly when these inherent abilities are not being overshadowed by home heating and cooling technologies.

Make sure that your HVAC system is being properly maintained, especially if this equipment has been placed under an extraordinary amount of demand throughout the summer months. This is the perfect time to have the filter changed. Your provider can also clean all vents and ducts.

Not only will this make your system function more efficiently, but it will also rid the indoor environment of a number of harmful particulates such as pet dander, dirt, dust and other forms of airborne debris. This will in turn boost indoor air quality, particularly during the cooler the months of the year when homeowners are less likely to vent their properties by opening the doors and windows. People who suffer from chronic respiratory ailments can gain the greatest benefits from these efforts.

Now may even be a good time to consider the benefits of upgrading your home heating and cooling system. A unit that may have sufficed in years past, might not be sufficient in the face of climate change. Although tropical storms and their impact on the Arizona climate are a relatively recent phenomenon, some experts suggest that these effects will only continue to intensify in future years. This is believed to be the result of the global warming trend.

A good HVAC company can also provide a number of options for improving indoor air qualities. For instance, your provider may be able to recommend a humidifier or the installation of cutting-edge air purification equipment. Upgrades like these are excellent for building sweat equity, increasing the overall usability of your home and for keeping property residents both comfortable and safe.

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